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  • Lisboa Palace
    Construction of a large diaphragm wall for a new hotel and casino complex.
    Hong Kong - 2014 read more

    Lisboa Palace

  • Shatin to Central Link contract 1106
    Diaphragm wall and barrette construction for the extension of Diamond Hill Station.
    Hong Kong - 2014 read more

    Shatin to Central Link contract 1106

  • Wai Yip Street
    Construction of a diaphragm wall and associated works for a commercial building development.
    Hong Kong - 2014 read more

    Wai Yip Street

  • Tseung Kwan O to Lam Tin Tunnel
    Site investigation using horizontal directional coring (HDC) techniques and in-situ testing.
    Hong Kong - 2015 read more

    Tseung Kwan O to Lam Tin Tunnel


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This Website has been designed to comply with all of the Internet standards defined by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), particularly the directives relative to Web content accessibility, as set forth in the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative). Anchored in these principles, this site is accessible to all Web users, including seniors or the disabled with functional limitations. A site that meets all accessibility guidelines is of benefit to the entire Web community. Below are listed a few of these advantages:

  • Site content follows a logical and sequential structure
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This site is compatible with all recent browsers able to support HTML 4.01 and CSS 2 formats and respects both the XHTML and CSS vocabulary and grammar, as specified under W3C. Consequently, the navigation experience will be optimized with latest-generation browsers, yet the site remains completely accessible for less recent browsers. The use of any of the following browsers is hereby recommended:

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On all of the site's pages, you'll find the following navigation aids:

The VSL logo returns to the home page via the site's internal pages.

The main menu contains links to access the primary content, organized and sorted into headings.

The "breadcrumb trail" across the top informs the user of the current page and allows quickly accessing the next browsing level. This display is present just after the main menu.

Quick access links (go to specific content, top of page, More+ etc.), which are especially useful to blind users, offer direct access to the editorial zone of each page.

The site map provides an overall diagram of the site's various headings and subheadings. It is available through a link inserted at the top of each page.

Links contained in the footer: Press releases, VSL News Magazine, Project, Brochures, Videos, System tools, Disclaimer, Accessibility.

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Small character fonts can hinder the Internet reading experience for some users. This site has been built to allow easily adjusting the character size of text passages depending on the functionalities proposed by the various browsers:

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If you're equipped with a wheel mouse, the majority of browsers are capable of enlarging text size by combining wheel action with a particular keystroke:

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PDF documents for downloading:

On this site, you'll find downloadable documents in PDF format without any accessible version being directly associated. To read documents in this PDF format, you can download Acrobat Reader. Another option would be to transform the PDF file into a standard HTML format using Adobe's online conversion engine; to proceed with this conversion, copy the link address to the PDF file and paste it in the field intended for this purpose on the online conversion tool (found at http://www.adobe.com).

Reading media content in Flash format

Some content (brochures) is provided in Flash format. Its consultation requires downloading and installing a plug-in (small piece of software) available free of charge on the Internet at the following Web address: Plug-in Adobe - Macromedia Flash.

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