LNG tank ground improvement: What is at stake?

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) storage facilities are very specific structures that are subject to high loads and must satisfy stringent requirements, particularly in relation to seismic performance.

The seismic design becomes even more challenging from both geotechnical and structural points of view when the site has significant seismic risks and poor soil properties.

Improvement of the ground’s properties guarantees a solid foundation and therefore the success of construction works, with improved stability and durability. Ground improvement also reduces the cost of foundation works.

How VSL can help you

VSL is at the cutting edge in developing technologies that increase the safety of LNG and LPG (propane) storage. In particular, the company’s instrumentation and safety systems ensure that all potentially hazardous aspects related to the storage are known and controlled.

Most of the construction of LNG tanks is done on site but, thanks to its know-how, VSL is also able to offer pre-assembly of certain components. This modular approach not only saves time and money but also reduces the pressure on the teams on site.

Ground improvement results in better load-bearing capacity and helps ensure that the tank is watertight. It can also be used to prevent damage from seismic events, in particular from soil liquefaction. VSL-Intrafor will carry out the most appropriate technical solution, taking account of the construction project’s requirements and the assessment of ground properties. Methods include:

  • vibro-compaction
  • stone columns
  • installation of solid concrete inclusions
  • ground bearing capacity improvements using cement grouting
  • soil mixing
  • barrettes or walls
  • jet grouted columns

What are the VSL LNG tank ground improvement solutions?

A design & build solution including:

  • soil investigation with laboratory tests, conclusions and construction requirements
  • soil consolidation techniques such as grouting, jet grouting, vibro-compaction, stone columns, soil mixing to increase bearing capacity

A combination of high-performance ground improvements and VSL’s Vslab slab-on-grade solution can provide cost-effective and very resilient foundations for LNG storage.

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