LNG tank monitoring: What is at stake?

The safety requirements and extreme operating conditions of cryogenic storage such as LNG tanks require comprehensive and reliable leak detection and monitoring solutions.

A customized monitoring system can be designed to meet the challenges of monitoring the safety of whatever type of tank is being used, no matter what is being stored.

By integrating permanent or quasi-permanent sensor systems, it is possible to gather all the essential data to monitor and predict the behavior of tank containment structures. This allows the repair and maintenance needs of natural liquefied gas reservoir structures to be anticipated and planned for.

Similar monitoring can also be important for water tanks and dry goods storage.

How VSL can help you

We provide effective detection of both slow and fast leaks. Accurate location of any leaks significantly reduces downtime.

We can offer monitoring of the structural safety of tanks built using our systems by incorporating sensors into the post-tensioning.

We offer the best solutions in terms of measurement performance and a long product life, and we always make it a priority to ensure maximum protection of people, property and the environment.

We are wherever you need us, with a presence in 25 countries around the world.

What are the VSL LNG tank monitoring solutions?

  • Collection of monitoring data
  • Design checking and tank assessment
  • Inspection, repair and strengthening
  • Specialized hardware such as HC 160 load cells
  • Vibratesting
  • A full Structural Health Monitoring Solution (SHMS)
    • In-house developed software to process field data
    • Online storage of the data collected
    • Specification of the sensor hardware
    • Data recording
    • Evaluation
    • Production of reports

Solutions that can be combined with monitoring

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