LNG tank VSoL®walls: What is at stake?

VSoL® is a retaining wall system combining concrete facings, soil reinforcement and granular backfill.

Use of the VSoL® system makes it possible to work simultaneously at different levels on a constrained site, including in close proximity to LNG tank construction.

The resilient structure of VSoL® walls enables designs that specifically withstand high seismic loads – a critical requirement for LNG tanks.

How VSL can help you

VSL created this innovated technique, which can be used for both temporary and permanent structures.

VSoL® is an integrated, cost-effective system that is designed to meet all project requirements and has been extensively tested and implemented on numerous projects around the world.

In situations where temporary structures are required, the walls can then be dismantled easily and all the materials can be fully recycled.

The VSoL® system is a highly resilient solution and can meet a large range of challenging seismic requirements.

What are the VSL

  • A reliable and cost-effective method of construction for retaining structures
  • The choice of supplying VSoL® on a stand-alone basis or as part of a wider construction package
  • Components for the construction of the walls including prefabricated panels, reinforcement and other specialist materials
  • Engineering for designing, detailing and integrating VSoL® walls into the project layout and specifications

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