A team of passionate people

VSL Enginneers

Beyond being an international company, VSL is first a community of passionate people, among whom a lot of brilliant engineers, who all share the same motivation: turn the most complex projects into reality!

Follow an innovation-led company

Innovation is at the heart of our culture: it occurs at every step of the life cycle of projects or products, and is initiated by engineers, managers, marketers, as well as site workers.

We have two distinct innovation processes that nurture each other:

• Short-term innovations driven by projects and long-term innovations through R&D.
• VSL has registered 370 patents to date and invest a significant budget in innovation through projects and R&D.

We also adopt an open innovation approach working with external partners such as universities and laboratories in order to maximise opportunities and to identify interesting technologies early.

Benefit from international mobility

Mobility is a big part of VSL. It is a cornerstone of our HR policy, and a win-win combination for both our employees and our business.

Our staff have many opportunities to move geographically, work for another entity of the Bouygues Construction Group, and develop new expertise through personal or functional mobility.

Have access to continuous training

Our VSL Academy opened its doors in Bangkok in 2008 with the ambition to apply VSL’s technical excellence and ever-growing quality & safety standards throughout our network.

It offers theoretical sessions and workshops, written exams as well as practical assessments to ensure the trainees have the required skills to guarantee the best work procedures.

We also offer continuous training opportunities for our staff to ensure we maintain our position at the top end of the industry, as well as exciting career opportunities worldwide, benefiting from the wider Bouygues Construction portfolio of training programmes available in regional centers.

Rely on a company where safety and ethics is non-negotiable

Health & Safety is priority n°1 for VSL and the Bouygues Construction Group. Together with all Bouygues Construction entities, VSL adopted 12 H&S basic rules that are applied and strictly followed on all construction sites globally.

Besides, VSL’s business practices are governed by integrity, honesty, fair dealing and full compliance with the law, as established in Bouygues’s Group Code of Ethics.

Rely on worldwide support staff

Many other roles are essential to help run the business on a daily basis and help it thrive in the long term. These include our Purchasing, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting departments, as well as our Communication, Legal and IT teams.

Besides, all departments – whether technical or functional, are coordinated at the Bouygues Construction level and benefit from the Group’s strike force in terms of tools and means.