Network and Offices

VSL’s global network comprises local offices in 36 countries worldwide supported by technical centres in Singapore and Switzerland and manufacturing plants in Spain, China and Thailand, allowing VSL to work closely with its clients and partners.

  • Lisboa Palace
    Construction of a large diaphragm wall for a new hotel and casino complex.
    Hong Kong - 2014 read more

    Lisboa Palace

  • Shatin to Central Link contract 1106
    Diaphragm wall and barrette construction for the extension of Diamond Hill Station.
    Hong Kong - 2014 read more

    Shatin to Central Link contract 1106

  • Wai Yip Street
    Construction of a diaphragm wall and associated works for a commercial building development.
    Hong Kong - 2014 read more

    Wai Yip Street

  • Tseung Kwan O to Lam Tin Tunnel
    Site investigation using horizontal directional coring (HDC) techniques and in-situ testing.
    Hong Kong - 2015 read more

    Tseung Kwan O to Lam Tin Tunnel


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VSL’s global network comprises local offices in 36 countries worldwide.

Offices and regions

These offices are grouped into three regions:

  • The Asia and Pacific region with its headquarters in Hong Kong, covering Asia, Australia and the Pacific region, from Australia to India;
  • The Central Europe and Middle East region, headquarters in St. Légier, Switzerland, covering Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and the USA;
  • The Iberian Peninsula, South Africa and Latin America region, headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, covering Spain and Portugal, North Africa, South Africa, Latin America from Mexico to Chile and Canada.

Projects located in other countries not specifically included above or where VSL is not present are managed in the most practical way between the regions, depending on the project specifications and the proximity to an existing office.

Each of these local offices is autonomous but is strongly supported by VSL’s global network. This may take the form of operational support or technical back-up through the strong technical centres in Singapore and in Switzerland. When a project is beyond the capability of an office, it can enlist the support of either regional staff, or other specialised entities within VSL. These include the heavy lifting department and regional special project , organisations as well as the regional and global experts and product champions who lead each of VSL’s businesses across the Group.

Local offices are structured and sized to respond in the most efficient manner to their local clients. They offer the full range of VSL’s solutions and services, in addition to VSL’s traditional core business of post-tensioning techniques.


The three regions operate under the control of VSL International. VSL’s headquarters are in Bern, Switzerland, where the business was formed.

Technical centres

The technical centres in Switzerland and Singapore have the most talented engineers, who bring innovation and technical excellence while ensuring that know-how is centralised and available to each of the local offices.

Production facilities

The production of VSL systems is centralized into manufacturing facilities in Hefei, China, Barcelona, Spain and Bangkok, Thailand.

A decentralised organisation

VSL’s decentralised organisation allows it to be closer to its clients and partners, speaking the same language, sharing their objectives and understanding their constraints. This allows VSL to work closely with them from the initial stage of a project all the way through to its successful completion.

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