Environmental declarations

GC Anchorage EPD
GC Anchorage: Leading the Way with a GWP of 2.24 kg CO2/kg 🍃
The VSL EPDs, officially released under The International EPD® system, undergo rigorous scrutiny. This validation upholds the commitment to openness, reliability, and compliance with the highest environmental standards.
PT-PLUS©: Unveiling a GWP of 3.08 kg CO2/kg 🍃
The EPDs provide invaluable insights into the carbon footprints of VSL products, exemplifying our unwavering dedication to sustainable practices. By empowering our clients with essential information, we are fostering a culture of informed decision-making and promoting environmentally conscious choices.
Environmental Product Declarations
🎥VSL Post-tensioning: a first step to carbon reduction with EPDs 🍃
In line with Bouygues Construction’s objectives, VSL is strongly committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.