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As a specialist in structural systems and ground engineering, VSL contributes to the design and construction of major engineered structures.
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We constantly develop and improve our VSL technologies to anticipate future standards and new requirements.
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Decarbonization in Motion
Climate change is the defining issue of our time. At VSL, we are taking concrete action to reduce our carbon footprint and the one of the structures we build and repair.

VSL innovation & insights

Browse the VSL articles to stay informed with the latest news and developments in the industry.
live monitoring for better safety & productivity
🎥 Launching gantries & lifting frames: Live monitoring for improved safety and productivity
VSL and Bouygues Travaux Publics have developed a smart solution combining sensors, data acquisition and live data management to closely monitor the launching gantry onsite.
VSL’s innovative robot for cable inspection
🎥 Cable-Stayed Structures: automating bridge inspections
By combining an automated video-capturing robot that moves along the stay cable with an artificial intelligence algorithm and machine learning that can classify defects on the cables, VSL makes the cable inspection process faster, accurate and safer.
Reducing energy consumption at VSL
VSL Spain: 320 solar panels to supply the factory with energy☀️
In Spain, where sun exposure is one of the highest in the European continent, VSL’s factory in Barcelona, has turned to photovoltaic energy to help reduce their electricity consumption and C02 emissions.
Low-Carbon Solution
PT Slabs: taking action towards reducing our carbon footprint 🍃
A strong commitment of VSL for 2023 is to keep taking real action towards reducing our carbon footprint and that of the structures we build or repair. Our experts make it a priority and they explore ways to build differently. The embodied CO2 impact of a building structure is a significant part of a building construction’s carbon footprint. And the...

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