Industrial facilities are structures subject to excessive tensile stresses that require the expertise of a design, construction and maintenance specialist to guarantee their stability and durability. VSL offers a diverse range of solutions meeting this requirement, and which can be combined to create bespoke packages or applied as standalone services for industrial facility construction.

Ground investigation

Ahead of a construction project, it is vital to investigate and assess the ground properties in order to locate faults, groundwater and large fissures with soft infill materials. This information is crucial for a successful project execution as it dictates the choice of methods, the programme, the resources needed and the project costs. Ground investigation is especially important to guarantee solid foundations of structures subject to high loading such as industrial facilities.

Ground improvement for industrial facility construction

The improvement of ground properties guarantees solid foundations and therefore, improved stability, durability, and increased success of construction works. Ground improvement also reduces the cost of foundation works.

Ground improvement methods include:

• Soil consolidation techniques such as grouting, jet grouting, vibro-compaction, stone columns, soil mixing
• Environmental protection such as slurry walls and curtain grout
• Temporary consolidation such as curtain wall by ground freezing
• Dewatering
• Drainage and preloading to consolidate compressive soils


By transferring loads deep into the ground to competent soils or rock, these structural elements improve the stability and durability of industrial facilities.

Cut-off walls

Acting as a containing structure, these concrete walls built beneath the surface help preventing from any water movement in the ground to improve ground stability. They also prevent from any ground contamination by containing liquid pollutants.

Retaining structures

Retaining structures are required to withstand forces exerted by a vertical or near-vertical ground surface. VSL-Intrafor has the expertise to propose the most appropriate wall type for each project and provide a solid base for industrial facilities.

Ground anchors for industrial facilities construction

VSL Technologies

A cost-efficient and high-performance technology for projects, such as industrial facilities construction, in need of temporary and permanent stabilisation solutions. Temporary ground anchors offer slope stabilisation during excavation works. As a permanent solution, they ensure stability of the facility by allowing the transfer of the structure’s load into the ground.

Post-tensioning for slab-on-grade

This cost-effective solution is highly suitable for industrial facilities where the main objective is to eliminate most of the joints that are the major weakness in concrete structures. VSL’s system allows a reduction in the number of joints, while offering additional strength and flexibility, increased robustness, abrasion resistance, design flexibility and lower maintenance costs.

Seismic protection and vibration control

An active structural reinforcement method used to optimise the design of industrial facilities. It allows for design flexibility and an overall improvement of durability. Post tensioning can also offers significant savings through a reduction of required construction materials and shorter construction time.

A range of dampening solutions optimising structural strength and resistance to seismic and wind loading elements, hence enhancing the durability and safety of industrial facilities.

Slab repair

Industrial concrete floors can be worn down by heavy traffic, or by differential temperature variations. They must be repaired to enable continuity of service, with minimum impact on operations. Reinforcement might also be required to increase the capacity of the slab to accommodate change of use or integrate new installations.

As an expert in post-tensioned concrete slabs, VSL will create a bespoke design and build scheme with a fast and safe solution to maintain the industrial facility.

As soon as your industrial facility is built, it enters a long-term life cycle with evolving needs and regular preservation, repairs and upgrading requirements.
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