Structures must also allow for movement to accommodate the various forces placed on it, such as wind, extreme temperatures, snow, and traffic. Therefore, bearings are usually made of elastomer and provide the necessary flexibility to ensure the vertical, horizontal and rotational movements of a structure.


VSL designs and manufactures fully integrated bearings.

The specific design of a bearing depends on several variables: our bearings are carefully tailored and fabricated to meet the most rigorous specific design requirements. This ensures the loading, movements, rotations, restraints, surroundings and concrete resistance of the structure are all maintained per their original design.
For instance:

  • The vertical forces on a specific structure will impact the bearing’s size
  • The horizontal forces (earthquakes, drivers’ braking actions…) will determine the thickness of the plates, depending on the magnitude of the force.
  • The rotation restraints will dictate the bearing’s height

Our bearings are manufactured in our state-of-the-art VSL factory in Spain, where highly-trained bearing specialists use their expertise to give clients the best value for their money.

VSL offers different types, including:

  • Elastomeric bearings for low and moderate loads
  • Pot bearings, for higher loads that can also accommodate small rotations
  • Spherical bearings, for high loads and high rotation requirements
  • Special bearings, including shear keys, up-lift systems integrated in bearings, temporary ILM bridges, and seismic bearings.


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2015 – 2018
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2017 – 2019
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