Millions m2 of VSoL® walls have been successfully installed around the world on a wide variety of projects (including retaining walls and a wide-range of infrastructure projects). They not only provide a cost-effective solution, but they are aesthetically pleasing as well.


Installation can take place in all types of settings including urban, marine, mountainous and flood-prone sites. No environmental condition is too extreme. Frigid earthquake prone regions of the Andes Mountains, scorching hot deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, and monsoon-ridden areas of Southeast Asia can all be accommodated, thanks to the amazing versatility of the VSoL® wall system.

Unlimited applications of VSoL®

It is estimated that clients save up to 50 % compared to the cost of other traditional retaining wall systems, which puts money back in the pockets of stakeholders.

Removing the need for piled foundations

VSoL® walls are often built as alternatives to cantilever, gabion and bored pile retaining walls or road embankment structures. Due to its outstanding design, flexibility, and structural performance, the VSoL® system helps avoid the need for expensive piled foundations.

Unlimited geometry

It is common for VSoL® walls to reach as high as 20 to 25m and remarkably, can be even taller. Straight, curved, tiered, superimposed or back-to-back walls can all be accommodated for, depending on the conditions of the site.


Different types of facings are available to fit the style of each project:

Concrete facing panels with a wide range of textures, colours and shapes: rectangular, T-shaped, cruciform, and hexagonal.

  • Steel mesh facings, which can be filled with rock for a natural stone finish.
  • Vegetated surfaces, which incorporate specialized layers, provide both soil containment and favourable conditions for the vegetation to grow and cover the entire surface of the wall.

Two reinforcement solutions

Steel ‘ladders’ or polymeric V-strips are used for reinforcement.

  • The VSoL® steel system’s reinforcing mesh ladders create the greatest soil-to-reinforcement interaction and pull-out resistance of any other reinforced retaining wall system.

The connection between the mesh ladder and the VSoL® clevis (anchor bracket embedded in wall facing) is simple and effective, facilitating a rapid, low-cost installation.

  • The VSoL® polymeric strips reinforcement system consists of high-tenacity polyester yarns encased in a polyethylene sheath which acts as a chemical barrier against the most aggressive fills.

The polymeric strips do not require any additional steel anchors for the connection to the concrete panels, thanks to the VSoL® void formed connections which allow smooth threading and tensioning.

Great flexibility for reinforced fill with VSoL®

As long as they fulfil the minimal requirements of grading and chemical properties, several types of reinforced fills can be accommodated, including recycled concrete coming from old structures. The VSoL® wall design is adjusted according to the reinforced fill properties.

No restraints for load bearing capacity

VSoL® walls are not limited when it comes to the loads applied onto the soil block. The wall design can be adapted to resist heavy loads imposed by specific installed equipment or movement across the top surface, such as heavy-duty trucks or cranes.

Erection Speed

The simplicity and performance of the pinned connection with concrete panels is a key feature that sets the VSoL® steel system apart from others, enabling fast and efficient wall erection on site.

The proper performance of the pinned connection can be easily and quickly checked.


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