We are responsible & committed

Health & safety, ethics, reduction of carbon footprint… VSL’s daily objective is to be a responsible and committed company.


As a member of Bouygues Construction, VSL fully shares and supports its social responsibility (CSR) vision, known as “Responsible and Committed”.


Health & Safety: protecting lives at work

Health & Safety is the n°1 priority for VSL and the Bouygues Construction Group. Together with all BYCN entities, VSL has adopted 12 basic H&S rules that are applied and followed strictly on all construction sites globally.

In addition, we set up annual H&S improvement objectives to focus our efforts and allow us to measure progress. These include accident rates; H&S training for workers, site supervisors and project managers, as well as top managers; and H&S action plans and a vigilance index, involving site inspections by management.

Respecting ethics

VSL’ s business practices are governed by integrity, honesty, fair dealing and full compliance with the law, as established in the Bouygues Group’s Code of Ethics.

Reducing our carbon footprint

VSL is involved to achieve the sustainable ambitions of Bouygues Construction, for which one of the key priorities is the reduction of gas emissions. The Group aims at reducing by 20% its greenhouse gas emissions for 2030, addressing the three scopes as set up by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol: direct emissions (scope 1), indirect emissions dealing with upstream activities (scope 2) and indirect emissions dealing with downstream activities (scope 3).

Being involved in solidarity projects


In 2019, VSL has partnered up with the Bridges to Prosperity association to improve access to essential health care, education and local economy in Uganda, by building a footbridge over the Bukwo river in the south-east of the country.

VSL has brought together a team of 10 VSL people, from 10 nationalities, to help build the 50-meters long bridge that serves 1,700 persons among which 650 children.


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