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Why trust VSL as a client? Performance, creativity, responsibility and commitment are VSL’s core values and DNA.

A construction pioneer ‘made in Switzerland’

Our VSL name stands for Vorspann System Losinger, a wire prestressing system first patented in Switzerland in the early 1950s.

VSL was a pioneer of post-tensioning systems for the pre-stressing of concrete: it revolutionized the design and construction of concrete bridges. It allowed for larger spans and new construction methods, making it simpler and faster.

Tailor-made and efficient construction methods

Our force is to bridge the gap between design and construction through our multi-faceted expertise, ranging from technologies to technical and operational skills.

Many challenges have an impact on a project: physical constraints, complex geology, tight scheduling, dense urban environments, budget... We enjoy integrating them to imagine the best solutions and construction methods to turn even the most complex projects into reality.

Mastering technologies & equipment

We continuously make our technologies and equipment evolve to remain at the top of quality, safety and speed of construction. 

This R&D and continuous improvement approach includes rigorous testing processes to evaluate our technologies through performance and behavioural tests.

The design, fabrication, maintenance and decommissioning of specialist construction equipment is supported by a pool of specialists available worldwide.

VSL European Manufacturing Centre

Benefiting from our local presence & shared knowledge

We mix a geographic proximity to our clients in about 25 countries with the experience and expertise of four Business Lines, technical centers and centralized supply chain and factories to support our local businesses worldwide.

Ever better performance for our clients’ satisfaction

In 2020, VSL launched the Be More company-wide project, dedicated to continuous improvement of performance. The objectives are to raise the level of quality and create value and ever-better satisfaction for our clients.

Be More is all about how we work at VSL: it is based on a customer-focused approach, and involves all company functions and processes, giving all employees the power to question how we work, and to improve it. Not only is it based on a collective mindset, it also mainly makes use of lean management principles and tools.

In parallel with local actions at the level of our VSL entities, five pilot projects are being specifically supported by a lean management approach, to gain experience and learn from these works. These projects are HS2 (foundations) in the UK, Central Kowloon Route (ground injection) and Cross Bay Link (external post-tensioning) in Hong Kong, Gecama wind farm in Spain, and VSL’s Technical Centre (design process) in Singapore.

Nurturing VSL’s collective knowledge & brainpower


Since 2008, our VSL Academy has the ambition of applying VSL’s technical excellence and ever-growing quality and safety standards throughout our network.

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