VSL R-dampers for buildings have the unique ability to convert vibration energy instantly into heat energy through shear deformation. The dampers are extremely effective in controlling all kinds of building vibrations caused by wind, traffic, human activities and even severe earthquakes.

The VSL R-damper is a visco-elastic damper. Dampers are strategically placed in the building structure to control floor vibrations and building displacement, cater for occupancy comfort and mitigate against major seismic events.

The energy generated by floor vibration and building displacement is absorbed by the dampers and dissipated though heat energy. The building occupants will experience less floor vibration, smaller building displacements and overall a better occupancy comfort, even in an earthquake.

The VSL R-damper system has been granted the prestigious Architectural Engineering Performance Certification by the General Building Research Corporation (GBRC) of Japan.

VSL R-damping systems for buildings are remarkably cost-effective solutions for vibration control and boast:

  • Exceptional energy absorption
  • Low dependency on strain ratio, temperature and frequency
  • High tolerance to deformation
  • Easy to design and detail
  • Trouble-free installation and replacement
  • Long-term durability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Totally independent of the structure’s gravity loads: VSL-R dampers dissipate energy only when placed under shear force, due to vibrations. They do not withstand permanent loads, but instead work to reduce vibrations from transient loads. Consequently, even accidental destruction by fire does not compromise the direct stability and safety of the structure.

In the event of a fire, the structural integrity of a structure is not affected as VSL R-dampers for buildings are installed to mitigate against vibration and transient loads, and not for permanent loads.