Structural monitoring: What is at stake?

Structural monitoring is complementary to an inspection, in that monitoring is the best answer to understand long-term structural behaviour like resistance to loading, fatigue cycles and to predict the residual life-cycle of a structure.

Monitoring is a key tool used by owners of several structures and consultants to calibrate durability models and optimize the design for future structures by applying ‘performance-based-design’ principles.

Still it is necessary to work with specialist partners, like VSL, to define critical areas and get qualitative data which provide all parties with data-rich feedback.

By installing and exploiting permanent and/or quasi-permanent sensors on specific components of the structure, data is captured in a repetitive, periodical or continuous manner: load cells on anchorages, corrosion sensors on post-tensioning, etc.

Once in the hands of structural engineers, the comprehensive and qualitative data analysis that VSL is able to provide is the key to open and motivate objective discussions, decisions and 360° action plans.

How VSL can help you

VSL is a specialist in systems and technologies for structures that require monitoring.

With an unmatched knowledge and experience in the critical function of these elements (all within their respective geographic environments), VSL is able to match what is technically feasible with what makes sense from an engineering standpoint – to provide the best value for money.

VSL delivers decision-making tools for engineers via:

  • Readable data
  • Support to use this data for updating life-cycle models

What are the VSL structural monitoring solutions?

1. A turnkey service tailored to the needs of the client, including:

  • Design and engineering services,
  • Monitoring hardware and software (Including procurement and integration, either to new or existing structures in need of repairs or upgrading),
  • Data collection, analysis and comprehensive reports,
  • Recommendations, support and action plans.

VSL’s approach to monitoring is based upon its in-house systems, nonetheless this can also be applied to third-party systems.

2. A range of complementary solutions is also available to increase the durability and effective use of your structure, including:


Solutions that can be combined with monitoring

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