The VSL hydraulic strand lifting system provides a custom-engineered solution for the toughest jobs. It combines proven components from VSL’s strand post-tensioning system with hydraulic jacks and pumps to lift massive loads safely and economically.


Automatically controlled hydraulic jacks work together with strands and the VSL skidding system to carefully (and precisely) lift, lower, tilt, slide, jack or skid heavy loads (e.g. bridges, roofs, antennas, pinnacles, boilers, offshore platforms, tunnel boring machines or structures.)

A wide range of heavy lifting equipment

The main components are:

  • The strand lifting unit, which consists of a hydraulic centre-hole jack along with upper and lower anchorages.
    VSL’s heavy lifting equipment pool includes a large variety of hydraulic jacks with piston-strokes that reach capacities anywhere from 100kN to 5,800kN.
    Units can be used in tandem when loads that are exceptionally heavy need moved or when high speeds are required.
    VSL can also design and supply custom-built hydraulic systems for special applications.
  • The tension member is a lifting cable consists of seven-wire prestressed steel strand and is anchored to the load by a custom-designed end anchorage.
  • Electro-hydraulic pumps provide the precise oil flow that is required. Built-in control devices allow stress forces to be monitored at all times, ensuring success. Movement speeds vary, depending on the project, and can reach more than 20m/hour.
  • No job is too complicated, as VSL has even designed a skidding system that facilitates the movement of enormous structures (first built in remote construction areas) to their final position. The skidding system is especially useful when rapid execution is required (when highway traffic needs to be closed, for example).
  • All VSL moving units and pumps can be operated either manually or by remote control. The lifting of hangar roofs, or other structures that need extensive support, requires precise coordination. To accomplish this, VSL uses specially designed, computer-based multi-point monitoring systems, which are centrally controlled and monitor the operation right up to the final height. The control systems are specially designed to meet each client’s individual project requirements. In addition, connections and adaptations can be carried out to link to clients’ own control systems.



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