VSL provides two solutions to retaine earth along roads and railways in order to allow for ground stabilization. Services include the solution engineering and implementation methods, the procurement of the VSL-designed technology and the on-site construction. VSL’s retained-earth walls solutions can be both used temporarily at construction stage, or permanently.

VSoL® Retained-earth wall

Walls that retaine earth are often used as temporary or permanent structures along roads and railways as well as for bridge abutments and arch structures. The VSL-designed VSoL® retained-earth wall system combines granular backfill material and soil reinforcement with concrete facing panels. It
can support very heavy loads at any stage of construction. It can remain buried once work is complete or it can be dismantled.

Ground anchors for road and railway construction

VSL provides a comprehensive range of services from design to installation of ground anchors, to reinforce the ground in order to retain the face of an excavation and prevent any soil movement. This technology allows for ground stabilization during the construction phase or, alternatively, can provide a permanent solution to secure retaining walls.

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