The high elevation of wind towers in order to generate more energy make them a challenge with regards to erection and resistance to high wind loading. As such, the design, construction and maintenance of wind towers require the expertise of a specialist like VSL, who offers a diverse range of durable and cost-effective solutions that can be combined to create bespoke packages or applied as standalone services for wind tower construction projects.

Special foundations

By transferring loads into the ground to competent soils or rock and by optimizing the interfaces between the concrete tower and the foundation system, these structural elements improve the stability and durability of onshore wind towers.

Horizontal directional drilling

This trenchless technology is used to connect the offshore wind farms to the power network on land, avoiding disruption to the surface, or surrounding soil.

Post-tensioning for wind tower construction

An active structural reinforcement method used to optimise the design and durability of concrete towers for wind turbines, post-tensioning can also offer significant savings through a reduction of construction materials and shorter construction time.

Precasting and erection

Operation of precasting facilities to produce bespoke precast concrete elements for onshore wind towers. This one-stop solution includes the design of the facility and formworks. VSL’s in-depth knowledge of concrete technologies allows us to optimise the design of precast elements too.

Heavy lifting for wind tower construction

A range of techniques to handle and erect heavy wind tower components, including lifting, tilting and sliding, that allow for alternative construction methods compared with standard in-situ or crane. These bespoke techniques are designed to meet each project’s requirements and offer an increased opportunity for creativity, scale and speed of construction.

As soon as your wind tower is built, it is entering a long-term life cycle with evolving needs and continuous preservation, repairs and upgrading obligations.
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