VSL helps you to define and implement the most suitable maintenance and preservation strategy for all components of your structure. The aim is to avoid unnecessary service disruption, minimise health & safety risks, and avoid financial loss through unexpected repairs.

Inspections & Engineering assessment

Thorough and technology enhanced inspections by our experienced engineers are vital to remove uncertainty surrounding an asset’s condition. They are the basis for a detailed engineering assessment.

Preventive maintenance

Highly loaded and exposed structural components such as bearings, joints, cable stays and prestressing tendons require preventive maintenance in order to ensure their proper functioning, and ultimately the safety and integrity of the structure. We deliver state-of-the-art solutions, based on decades of experience and the latest international guidelines.


Monitoring the structural behaviour over time allows to detect deterioration early, and to verify the effectiveness of any preventive measures or repairs applied. Data is the key to predictive modelling and maintenance planning.

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