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This website (hereafter the “Website”) is published by VSL International AG, a Swiss company with capital of 2,000,000 CHF, with registration number CH-, VAT number CHE 101405989MwSt, whose registered office is 5 Wankdorfallee, 3014 Bern, Switzerland (hereafter “VSL International”).
VSL International is a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, a French limited liability company.
Publication Director: Julie PERCHET.
Web hosting: Kernix

The purpose of this Website is to provide information for its users, to present the Company’s products, solutions and services, and to promote the recruitment of new employees.
The Website is accessed at the address:
No authentication is needed to access the Website but some areas of the Website are restricted to some registered users.

Intellectual Property

The information and data presented or accessible from this Website, including any drawings, photographs, images, texts, animated sequences with or without sound, and any other documents represented on this website (all together the “Data”) may not be used for any commercial purposes, even in part, without the prior written permission of VSL International. The presentation of the Website and of Data constitute proprietary work, protected under applicable intellectual property law.
They may not be fully or partially reproduced and/or represented without the prior written permission of VSL International. The registered names and logos of VSL International, Bouygues Construction, the registered names of their subsidiaries, the names and logos of their products as well as slogans are the property of Bouygues Construction and/or of its subsidiaries. Any reproduction, use and/or modification thereof without the prior written permission of VSL International and/or Bouygues Construction may constitute infringement.
The Data are covered by industrial and/or intellectual property rights in the name of VSL International, Bouygues Construction or their subsidiaries. Any full or partial reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation, and/or transformation, or any transfer to another website of any Data, is prohibited. Copies of the Data shall be authorised for private purposes only subject to the source being indicated.
VSL International reserves the right to modify any or all of the Data at any time and without notice. VSL International shall not bear any liability whatsoever for any use of any Data.
VSL International does not warrant the accuracy, reliability, suitability for any purpose or completeness of any Data. Accordingly, VSL International does not have any liability:

The content of other websites that may be linked from this Website are included for convenience only and VSL International accepts no liability for the availability, contents or accuracy of, or any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use or reliance on the content of any linked websites.
Website users confirm that they accept the characteristics and limits of the Internet and that they are fully aware of the nature of the Internet and, in particular, its technical performances.
VSL International shall not be liable in any way whatsoever in the event that the Website cannot be accessed or that it is not operating correctly, or for any other reasons falling outside the scope of VSL International.
VSL International may need to interrupt access to the Website for maintenance. Users will be notified of this interruption in a notice displayed on the homepage or by any other means. Such interruption in no way incurs VSL International’s liability and confers no right to compensation.
Users requiring technical support (for access or display issues, etc.) may e-mail us at

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The terms, provisions and information in this Website shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the laws of France.
In the event of a dispute arising out of, or in connection with the interpretation and/or performance of these terms, provisions and information the parties shall use their reasonable endeavours to resolve such dispute amicably and promptly.
If the parties fail to reach amicable settlement, the Paris courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute arising between the parties.

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