VSL and its subsidiary Intrafor Hong Kong are able to leverage their specialist expertise to help clients meet the most demanding ground engineering challenges all around the world for tunnel construction. We can support you for road, railway and sewage tunnels and pipelines, built under busy urban areas, land reclamations or under the sea.


Horizontal Directional Coring

Horizontal Directional Coring (HDC) provides teams with ground information for the entire route of the linear structure.

Ground improvement for tunnel construction

The improvement of ground properties guarantee solid foundations and therefore, the success of tunnel construction projects. Ground improvement can also reduce the costs of foundation works.

Underground metro stations construction

The construction phasing of an underground metro station is the most important challenge: it depends on external factors like the environment and unique ground properties.

Access or ventilation shafts

VSL-Intrafor specialises in buidling deep access or ventilation shafts of 80+ metres or more. Their expertise in diaphragm walls, and long-term involvement in dense environments and complex geology is showcased particularly in Hong Kong.

Box jacking for tunnel construction

Building a 100-meter long road tunnel, under an existing tunnel and doing it all without interrupting the flow of the top tunnel: 3 huge challenges – all in one. Box Jacking is a trenchless method of construction that allows for these incredible feats of engineering.

Heavy lifting

The limited access to tunnel construction sites very often requires the assembly and dismantling of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) inside of shafts, caverns and tunnels. VSL provide solutions for the lifting, lowering, tilting, sliding, jacking or skidding of heavy loads, to enable controlled handling under very challenging space constraints.

Cut-and-cover tunnel

Using this method, the tunnel is built inside an excavation and then covered with backfill material once completed. It can be used when the tunnel is shallow and excavation from the surface is economically and logistically viable.


As soon as it is built, your tunnel enters a long-term life cycle with evolving needs and regular preservation, repairs and upgrading requirements.
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