Repairs: What is at stake?

Structures are constantly exposed to the environment and are subjected to variable loads throughout their life. Corrosion, fatigue, erosion or accidental damage quickly lead to early deterioration. Even the best built and maintained structure will eventually have to undergo some degree of repair to reinstate their condition to an acceptable level.

If left undetected or untreated, such deterioration can lead to unacceptable levels of risk for the users, or even the collapse of entire structures.

Repairing a structure under operation requires careful planning of the intervention, and safe and reliable execution, to manage financial risks as well the safety of users and operatives.

Whole life cost optimization can only be achieved by performing the right repair, at the right time, considering the required residual design life.

The achievable quality of the repair must be at the heart of decision making as it is well understood that too many repairs fail again within only a few years, resulting in unnecessary financial damage.

Each structure is different: the combination of local constraints understanding, innovative engineering, and trialled and tested technologies, has proven to be the most reliable route to deliver lasting solutions.

How VSL can help you

VSL can be your partner throughout all phases of a repair project, by either:

  • assisting you with targeted interventions; or
  • delivering one-stop inspect, assess, design & build packages. Any repair project can benefit from a global approach: this allows to reduce interfaces between multiple contractors, and therefore to minimize the risk of delays and cost overruns.

We self-perform critical aspects of the works and make use of our in-house engineering skills to come up with the best solution making use of a large array of technologies, products and methods.

Fast track repair projects often require parallel decision making between designers, contractors and owners. By partnering with our clients from the start, in a relationship of mutual trust, we can react to often evolving findings throughout the project phases, and we can adjust our solution approach to deliver true value-for-money.

Bridge repair and strengthening solutions in a heavily constrained environment

What are the VSL repairs solutions?

Based on decades of experience we offer one-stop solutions including :

    1. Solution engineering and design
    2. Methods and access
    3. Project management
    4. Execution of repair works combining self-performance with selected products and services of trusted suppliers and sub-contractors

Our VSL Repair specialist service is offered as a stand-alone package, or as a component of a larger Inspection & engineering assessment, and/or monitoring package.

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