VSL bar systems provide impressive versatility in geotechnical and construction applications to control the loads and forces in structures.


VSL threadbar is a high-tensile alloy steel bar with a coarse right-hand thread that spans its entire length.

It has a wide range of applications in the construction and mining industries.

The operation of the bar system depends upon how they are used, implemented, and ultimately upon their final purpose:

  • geotechnical systems such as soil nails, micropiles and rock bolts
  • concrete reinforcing systems,
  • post-tensioning systems,
  • marine-tie rod systems,
  • anchors and form-tie systems.

The VSL product line complies with international standards, including ISO, Eurocodes, ASTM, Australian Standards and British Standards.

VSL threadbar is extremely durable as its unique design significantly reduces the chance of thread damage during handling and installation.

Threadbars are available in grades from 500MPa to 1,050MPa to meet the demands of a variety of applications. Non-standard bar diameters and steel grades can also be developed for custom project requirements.

They are conveniently available as continuous hot-rolled threads in full 18m stock lengths or as cut sections to meet every type of project requirement.

VSL bar system packages also offer corrosion-resistant packages, such as double corrosion protection systems, epoxy coating, and galvanising, to further protect against the most extreme conditions.