Dam monitoring: What is at stake?

Monitoring gives greater confidence in the construction and service-life of a structure, and is particularly important for industrial or energy-producing structures like dams.

At the construction stage, it can be useful to collect data during the installation of post-tensioning and ground anchors.

During the service-life, dam monitoring is a real plus. Its use allows better identification of needs and the planning of maintenance and repair interventions. This helps prevent critical and costly situations from developing. Monitoring also helps improve the calibration of maintenance cycles thanks to data collection and analysis, and enables accurate prediction of the structure’s residual service-life.

How VSL can help you

At the construction stage and also in the long term, VSL can guarantee effective monitoring of the VSL systems that have been installed, such as post-tensioning and ground anchors. The systems can be installed complete with specifically designed sensor hardware and software to provide the necessary monitoring data. VSL can also provide engineering assistance on data collection for design checking and construction supervision. Examples include:

  • load cells on anchorages;
  • corrosion sensors on post-tensioned tendons;
  • force measurements on ground anchors.

VSL provides engineering assistance for the integration of the monitoring systems into global packages that incorporate the acquisition and management of the data.

What are the VSL dam monitoring solutions?

  • Dam monitoring hardware and software as part of a global package for both new-build and repair/upgrade projects, tailored to the needs of the client and the structure
  • Full integration of our system monitoring components (for example load cells on our anchorages, corrosion sensors in our PT tendons, force measurements in ground anchors etc.)
  • An optional rental service for online data storage and access
  • At the construction stage, engineering assistance with data collection for design checking and construction supervision of VSL’s systems
  • Specification of the monitoring equipment
  • Data recording
  • Evaluation
  • Reports on the findings

Solutions that can be combined with Monitoring

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