Dam ground investigation: What is at stake ?

Ahead of a dam construction project, it is vital to investigate and assess the properties of the ground and groundwater. This enable faults to be located and the degree of fracture to be quantified. The sizes and inclinations of ground fissures can be identified, together with the infill materials that are present.

These investigations will guide the scheme’s construction methods and costs, and are also crucial in the long term to guarantee the quality, durability and stability of the dam’s foundations.

How VSL can help you

VSL is able to capitalize on the expertise of its specialist subsidiaries Intrafor Hong Kong and FT Laboratories to provide the equipment, qualified operational staff and well-established processes to:

  • support clients in the definition of ground investigation campaigns by helping them understand the challenges they are facing and what kind of information they need to collect;
  • carry out rock investigations, directional drilling or coring to produce samples for laboratory tests;
  • supply geotechnical analysis and comprehensive ground assessment reports and ground engineering recommendations.

What are the VSL dam ground investigation solutions?

  • Services in engineering and methods
  • Ground investigation campaigns, including onshore, offshore, in-situ testing, drilling and directional coring activities
  • Laboratory tests & analysis
  • Production of reports with geotechnical engineering recommendations

Solutions that can be combined with ground investigation

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