Dam VSoL® walls: What is at stake?

Retained-earth walls can support very heavy loads at any stage of dam construction. They can be used to stabilize slopes, support excavations and achieve temporary or permanent retention of earth or water.

How VSL can help you

VSL’s VSoL® retained-earth wall system allows the construction of very large and tall structures, including dams holding back substantial reservoirs. The design is adapted to suit the structure, making it waterproof and resistant to the force of the water.

Reliable and quick to install, VSoL® brings significant savings in terms of cost and time. A VSoL® retained-earth wall can be:

  • a permanent structure, remaining buried once work is complete; or
  • a temporary structure, dismantled after the dam’s construction. VSoL® is easy to deconstruct, and all materials can be readily recycled.

VSoL® is also both highly resistant and ductile, and can therefore adapt to seismic and other aggressive environments and threats.

What are the VSL dam VSoL® walls solutions?

  • Design, detailing and integration of VSoL® walls into the project layout and specifications
  • Hardware procurement, including prefabricated panels, reinforcement and other specialized materials
  • Installation
  • Technical assistance

VSoL® walls can be provided as a stand-alone solution or integrated into a wider construction package.

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