Industrial facilities retaining structures: What is at stake?

An earth retaining structure is required to withstand forces exerted by a vertical or near-vertical ground surface. An embedded retaining wall is one that extends below ground and obtains some lateral support from it. Walls may also be supported by structural members such as props, berms, ground anchors and slabs; they may be freestanding or provide support to a superstructure.

The design and construction of embedded retaining walls is complex and often represents a significant percentage of the overall project cost. It requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of basic principles and the application of sound engineering judgement based on experience.

How VSL can help you

As a specialist ground engineering contractor, VSL provides cost savings by optimizing the use of materials, ensuring ease of construction and minimizing program duration.

VSL engages its client, the designer and the architect as early as possible to optimize the temporary and permanent use of the retaining structure, establish appropriate design and performance criteria for the retaining structures and propose the most appropriate wall type for each project. This type of interactive approach can achieve significant savings.

What are the VSL industrial facilities retaining structures solutions?

A design and build package for execution of the retaining structures that can be combined with foundations to guarantee its strength from the bottom up.

Solutions that can be combined with Retaining structures

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