Industrial facilities slab repair: What is at stake?

Industrial concrete floors can be worn down by heavy traffic such as forklifts, heavy loads from stock, or even by differential temperature variations. They must be repaired to enable continuity of service, and such slab repair works have to be carried out with minimum impact on operations, to meet productivity and safety objectives for operators.

Reinforcement might also be required to increase the capacity of the slab accommodate change of use or integrate new installations that will impact on the slab’s loading capacity. Openings are sometimes required so that elevators or shafts for special machines can be installed. Such operations draw on a loading scheme, together with the design of the strengthening solution. The crucial point is to minimize downtime and any impact on the warehouse operations.

How VSL can help you

As an expert in post-tensioned concrete slabs, VSL will create a bespoke design and build scheme in order to repair or strengthen your slab while minimizing the impact on operations with a fast and safe solution.

  • Inspection of the existing structure;
  • Loading schemes and design of a reliable solution by specialists in concrete reinforcement
  • Slab repair;
  • Active strengthening solutions for the slab;
  • Slab opening.

What are the VSL slab repair solutions?

A full-service design and build package including:

  • Structure inspection;
  • Solution engineering;
  • Execution of all the works, including all preparation and temporary works in the warehouse.

Solutions that can be combined with slab repair

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