Nuclear containment foundations: What is at stake?

Nuclear power plant projects involve the construction of various complex structures and deep basements.

The need to undertake extensive excavations and transfer heavy loads into the ground requires the know-how and expertise of specialists in deep foundations.

How VSL can help you

Taking account of soil investigations and analysis, the characteristics of the structure, and of course the client’s needs, VSL-Intrafor can recommend the most appropriate, practical, efficient and cost-effective scheme for the foundations and then build them.
VSL-Intrafor’s specialist knowledge in deep foundations provides a combination of:

  1. up-to-date in-house design capabilities;
  2. specialist operational teams;
  3. the most advanced equipment in the foundations industry.

What are the VSL nuclear containment foundations solutions?

  • Technical assistance and ground investigation services during the project development phase
  • A design and build package for all elements of the project involving deep foundations

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