Offshore structures heavy lifting: What is at stake?

Offshore lifting operations are strongly affected by wave action and therefore require complex engineering and planning.

Lifting tasks at sea are so varied that it is essential to find the right approach for the task at hand, hence the need for a specialist.

A heavy lifting solution is much less expensive than a floating crane and less vulnerable to bad weather and downtime of the equipment.

Cranes are usually booked for years in advance and bad weather can disrupt even the best plans.

How VSL can help you

VSL has one of the world’s largest pools of equipment and available techniques to handle heavy loads, including lifting, lowering, tilting and sliding. It offers very mature systems tested to international standards and 60 years of experience in the field. This know-how enables it to create bespoke packages using innovative solutions to deliver complete alternative construction schemes.

What are the VSL offshore structures heavy lifting solutions?

– Feasibility studies and preliminary consultation for lifting, lowering, sliding, skidding, tilting and jacking operations

– Project design and planning, equipment specification, scheduling and budgeting

– Design, manufacture and supply of specialist equipment and temporary structures

– Leasing and operation of VSL equipment

– Execution of the heavy lifting operation

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