Offshore structures seismic protection: What is at stake?

Offshore and marine structures are assets that are exposed to seismic risks, wind loading and wave-induced vibrations.
In extreme cases, vibrations can lead to failure of structural components and it is essential to mitigate such phenomena as much as possible to protect the structure and its users.

How VSL can help you

VSL offers a wide range of proven damping solutions based on the use of the VSL VE damper, a unique product that can potentially be installed anywhere where vibrations need to be reduced. This system can help to optimize a structure’s strength and resistance threshold, ensuring the safety of users.

VSL VE dampers require only limited maintenance because of their simplicity and very high durability.

We can provide:

– a fully-integrated approach including design, products, manufacturing and execution to optimise the overall cost;

– the ability to deal with complexity in phasing / interfaces.

What are the VSL offshore structures seismic protection solutions?

VSL can deliver:

– Consultation with a structural engineer in the early design phase to determine the best-for-project solution

– Pricing of the supply and installation of components at tender stage

– Final supply of the product and installation services to the main contractor

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