Post-tensioned storage tank: What is at stake?

Storage tanks like Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) containments are generally made of two structures, the external one serving as additional protection in case of liquid gas leakage.

For large LNG tanks, the secondary structure is generally made of concrete that incorporates post-tensioning to ensure maximum safety. In particular, the strength provided by the post-tensioning guarantees leak-tightness and resists the hydraulic pressure from the liquefied gas, should the primary containment fail. Post-tensioning also provides storage tanks and silos with greater durability.

How VSL can help you

VSL’s post-tensioning systems are very mature, reliable and safe.

We are experts in these systems and technologies and in their application in containment structures.

We understand the critical function of these elements – in particular with a view to durability – and are in a position to fully optimize their impact on the overall structure.

We provide the post-tensioning components and engineering as well as a full package for construction of the secondary containment.

What are the VSL post-tensioned storage tank solutions?

VSL can provide a full procurement, design & build solution including design, supply and installation of the post-tensioning systems.

Once installed, VSL can also recommend and provide monitoring systems and services for LNG tanks, digesters and silos.

Solutions that can be combined with post-tensioning

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