Tunnel heavy lifting: What is at stake?

The limited access to tunnel construction sites very often requires the assembly and dismantling of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) inside of shafts, caverns and tunnels. The TBM elements therefore need to be lifted, shifted, tilted and lowered to a precise position to enable controlled assembly under very challenging space constraints.

In addition to the installation and dismantling of a TBM at the beginning and at the end of a project, there might be some additional needs such as:

  • moving the whole TBM hundreds of meters over land, from one tunnel to another, as this can prove to be more economical than dismantling and reassembling it;
  • taking remedial action in cases where a TBM has encountered difficult ground conditions during drilling and moved out of alignment.

How VSL can help you

VSL can provide solutions for the lifting, lowering, tilting, sliding, jacking or skidding of heavy loads, thanks to its range of services:

  • Heavy lifting using automatically controlled hydraulic strand and ram jacks;
  • Design, procurement and operation of tailor-made specialized equipment, such as movable or static gantry cranes, self-launching gantries, ‘walking’ beams and other temporary works to enable the movement of the loads.

Our solutions minimize manual operations, ensure quality and safety and provide overall program and cost savings.

VSL provides a complete range of services from initial concepts through engineering, planning and equipment supply to the execution of the works for any heavy lifting project. The approach is flexible and the extent of VSL’s services is tailored to meet specific project requirements.

What are the VSL tunnel heavy lifting solutions?

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project design and planning
  • Lifting plans for the respective elements to be assembled, dismantled or moved
  • Design, manufacture and supply of specialized equipment including associated temporary steelwork
  • Commissioning of equipment
  • Equipment operation and execution of the works

Solutions that can be combined with heavy lifting

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