Road and railway VSoL® walls: What is at stake?

Walls that retaine earth are often used as temporary or permanent structures along roads and railways as well as for bridge abutments and arch structures. They can even be used in extreme conditions.

How VSL can help you

The VSL-designed VSoL® retained-earth wall system can support very heavy loads at any stage of construction. It can remain buried once work is complete or it can be dismantled.

VSoL® combines granular backfill material and soil reinforcement with concrete facing panels:

    • The reinforced fill material in a VSoL® wall is chosen to meet both the project specifications and the requirements of the system being used. Such requirements cover fill gradation, shear strength, permeability, pH and electrochemical properties.

The reinforcement develops a high soil- to-reinforcement interaction and pull-out resistance.

The system’s facings are structural elements that retain and confine the backfill material. VSoL® walls can meet all architectural challenges thanks to a wide range of styles, panel shapes, sizes and finishes.

VSoL® walls can be built on sites with poorer foundation soils than conventional walls, without affecting the structural integrity or performance of the finished structure.

VSoL® provides:

  • an economical wall solution requiring reduced quantities of steel reinforcement and concrete compared with traditional wall systems. The simple and rapid installation makes this solution very cost-effective – with savings of between 20% and 50% depending on the project.
  • a solution that is friendly to the creation of a circular-economy, allowing the reuse of local materials for the backfill
  • a strong, yet flexible solution that is able to resist the high forces and movements arising from seismic activities.


What are the VSL road and railway VSoL® walls solutions?

A design & build package, including:

  • design and detailing
  • precasting
  • installation and backfilling
  • monitoring

Solutions that can be combined with VSoL®

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