Industrial facilities cut-off walls: What is at stake?

Cut-off walls prevent any movements – typically of liquids – into and out of an area of ground, especially for large structures such as industrial facilities.

They act as seepage barriers to isolate the area.

They can also act as a containment structure to retain liquid pollutants and help prevent any groundwater contamination. If the ground is already polluted, cut-off walls can be used to create a watertight belt that will stop the spread of contaminants.

How VSL can help you

VSL-Intrafor can help by carrying out preliminary geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations, as well as undertaking the final site permeability tests once the cut-off system has been installed.

The company has the in-house resources and expertise to analyze, design and build the best technical solutions to ensure reliable performance.

What are the VSL Industrial facilities cut-off walls solutions?

A design and build solution including:

  • Preliminary investigations
  • Laboratory tests of the product mix for cut-off walls
  • Design
  • Installation of the cut-off wall
  • Final permeability controls and tests

Solutions that can be combined with cut-off walls

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