Industrial facilities ground improvement: What is at stake?

Industrial facilities are heavy structures that are prone to risk. In order to ensure safe construction and performance throughout the operational life, we must build solid foundations.

Ground improvement may be necessary to meet various objectives: to improve bearing capacity and reduce the settlement of soft ground, prevent liquefaction in the event of an earthquake, control groundwater, stabilize the base of an excavation, prevent deformation of the surrounding ground, or clean up contaminated ground.

How VSL can help you

Our ground improvement solutions include preliminary geotechnical investigations, soil consolidation techniques, environmental protection, temporary consolidation, dewatering and more.

A combination of ground investigations and ground improvement solutions can help optimize cost-effectiveness and strengthen the safety/security of industrial sites.

What are the VSL industrial facilities ground improvement solutions?

A design and build package including:

– Ground investigation, geotechnical analysis and recommendations

– Ground improvement techniques to suit the constraints of the project

VSL-Intrafor relies on specialized equipment and qualified operational staff to assist its clients and recommend the best methods.

Solutions that can be combined with ground improvement

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