Nuclear containment VSoL® walls: What is at stake?

The construction of huge industrial structures such as nuclear facilities often requires temporary support for heavy loads and the construction of working platforms on congested sites.

This is where there is an important role for walls that are designed to retain earth. These strong and flexible structures are capable of bearing heavy loads and can be dismantled quickly and efficiently once the construction of the nuclear plant is completed.

There is also the option to leave retained-earth walls in place, where they can serve as a long-term risk mitigation and protection measure against natural disasters or industrial hazards.

How VSL can help you

VSoL® – VSL’s patented retained-earth wall solution – is widely renowned as a revolutionary system that has been implemented on many projects worldwide. Its integrated, cost-effective, high-performance design has proven its excellence in a wide variety of applications:

  • VSoL® requires less steel reinforcement and concrete than traditional retained-earth wall systems
  • It allows for the reuse of local materials for the backfill
  • It’s simple and rapid installation, using conventional equipment, makes it very cost-effective

VSoL® walls are strong, yet flexible enough to resist the high forces and movements arising from seismic activities. During an earthquake, the seismic forces are dissipated by friction between the reinforcement and the fill. Inherent ductility and resilience, together with the proven seismic performance of the VSoL® system, justify its high degree of adoption in seismically active regions.

The VSoL® wall system can be tailored to suit each project’s requirements, and VSL assists both clients and their consultants at all stages of a project from feasibility studies to project completion.

What are the VSL nuclear containment VSoL® walls offer?

  • The engineering for designing, detailing and integrating VSoL® walls into the project layout and specifications
  • Hardware procurement for the construction of the walls, including prefabricated panels, reinforcement, and the other specialized materials

Services may also include:

  • Installation and backfilling
  • Monitoring

Solutions that can be combined with VSoL®

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