Storage tanks repairs: What is at stake?

LNG tanks, water tanks, digesters, silos -all such industrial structures are likely to need repairs and strengthening operations in order to:

  • Maintain the structure in operation;
  • Add capacity to account for loss of post-tensioning forces over time, and bring it back to the required level;
  • Add capacity due to higher loading levels;
  • Meet new standards;
  • Adapt the structure itself for a change of use.

How VSL can help you

In addition to monitoring, inspection and detection of slow and fast leaks, VSL can repair and strengthen all types of circular tanks:

  • Strengthening: integration of additional post-tensioning strands after measurement of the existing forces;
  • Concrete repairs, in particular cracks that causes leaks;
  • Repairs to the lining and coating on the inside;
  • Replacement of post-tensioning on the outside to strengthen or to replace tendons that have corroded.

Our expertise in repairs and strengthening of post-tensioned structures allows us to be flexible and to adapt to our client’s schedule on order to minimise disruption of service for any storage structure.

What are the VSL storage tanks repairs solutions?

  • Collection of monitoring data
  • Design checking and tank assessment
  • Inspection, repair and strengthening
  • Specialized hardware such as HC 160 load cells
  • Vibratesting
  • A full Structural Health Monitoring Solution (SHMS)
    • In-house developed software to process field data
    • Online storage of the data collected
    • Specification of the sensor hardware
    • Data recording
    • Evaluation
    • Production of reports

Solutions that can be combined with repairs and strengthening

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