Wind farms horizontal directional drilling: What is at stake ?

Offshore windfarms are connected to the power network on land via underwater cables that transmit the electricity produced by the turbines. Installing submarine cables is always a delicate operation, in particular when the transmission cable reaches land, where it generally needs to be installed underground.

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a trenchless, environmentally friendly method that minimizes impacts to key infrastructure and protected areas and is ideal for the installation of transmission cables at the interface between land and sea. The technique involves the drilling of a steered pilot hole on the desired trajectory; once completed, the hole is enlarged to enable the pipeline to be pulled through it. HDD can be used in all geologies from soft soil to hard rock while achieving a high degree of accuracy.

How VSL can help you

As a geotechnical specialist, VSL-Intrafor has the expertise and the specialized equipment to install the cables from offshore wind farms, including where they come ashore.

What are the VSL wind farm horizontal directional drilling solutions?

A design and build package that can include:

  • Pipeline and conduit installation
  • Both submarine and landfall installation of cables
  • Drilling of extra-long ground freezing holes
  • Directional grout hole installation
  • Hole trajectory design
  • Pit launching
  • Parallel installations
  • Installation of extra-long horizontal ties

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Here is a selection of our references.
Incheon, South Korea
STUDEN, Switzerland

Solutions that can be combined with horizontal directional drilling

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