Wind farm heavy lifting: What is at stake?

The wind energy business is rapidly evolving, and the construction processes for onshore and offshore wind farms require the installation of ever heavier key components at ever greater heights, generally within very tight spaces and schedules as part of a complex logistics process.

Heavy lifting offers an alternative to standard in-situ or crane erection procedures, and it has become a key construction method for both onshore and offshore wind farm installation and commissioning.

How VSL can help you

VSL has developed bespoke heavy lifting solutions for the wind industry, in particular:

  • Handling and loadout of very heavy components such as gravity-based foundations, floating foundations and other concrete or mechanical components;
  • Tensioning of mooring cables for floating wind turbines;
  • Alternative erection methods for rotor and nacelle assembly (RNA) for offshore wind turbines;
  • Alternative erection methods for onshore wind towers.

VSL has one of the largest pools of strand-jacks in the world. We have experts in heavy lifting available worldwide, combining local and global expertise. Our equipment is designed, assembled and maintained in-house, which ensures high quality service and response from our teams.

We operate using a flexible approach and the scope of service is tailored to each project’s specific constraints.

What are the VSL wind farm heavy lifting solutions?

Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies and preliminary consultation for the handling and loadout of heavy concrete elements, the tensioning of mooring cables and erection of mechanical components;
  • Project design and planning, equipment specification, scheduling and budgeting;
  • Design, manufacture and supply of specialist equipment and temporary structures;
  • Leasing and operation of VSL equipment;
  • Execution of the heavy lifting operation.

Our heavy lifting services can be packaged with our other services for the wind energy business, including post-tensioning, precasting and erection, special foundations, etc.

Solutions that can be combined with heavy lifting

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