Post-tensioned concrete wind tower: What is at stake?

The wind market is evolving very quickly, with towers becoming ever higher and stronger to support larger rotors in order to capture more wind. Concrete and hybrid towers have therefore emerged as an alternative to traditional steel towers, thanks to their durability, stability and high structural damping. The post-tensioning system in concrete wind towers is in turn a key element for ensuring the stability and durability of the overall structure.

How VSL can help you

VSL is an expert in post-tensioning systems and their application in wind towers. We understand the critical function of these elements – in particular with a view to durability – and can fully optimize their incorporation into the overall structure and the specific technical requirements.

VSL uses its proprietary post-tensioning technologies: we have developed an external post-tensioning system specifically for wind towers and this has obtained European Technical Approval (ETA). Made of multi-strand vertical tendons, it is a versatile and reliable post-tensioning system that maximizes the use of local resources and ensures reliable structural behavior of the tower throughout its service life, while allowing re-stressing and de-stressing of the tendons if necessary.

We have also developed bespoke post-tensioning systems for offshore wind towers and foundations.

What are the VSL post-tensioned concrete wind tower solutions?

A full installation package: design, supply and installation on site including the related site logistics and, where necessary, on-site prefabrication of the systems using local resources.

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Solutions that can be combined with post-tensioning

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