Bridge LEDsPLAY®: What is at stake?

How do you usher in a new monument into the history of a region or city? Moreover, how do you anchor that emblematic landmark so that it becomes a buzz-worthy ambassador for both culture and economic development?

VSL has developed a game changing and revolutionary new technology that permanently transforms your cable-stayed bridge into a breathtaking and must-see attraction.

Over the last few years, architects have attempted to integrate LEDs into bridge cables to create incredible visual displays. However, these installations were always short-lived as installation was neither reliable or sustainable.

The difficulties of illuminating these emblematic bridges are obvious – the technical challenge is enormous: stay cables are sensitive and have little room to install electronics to a power supply. Furthermore, cable-stayed bridges are very complex structures being subject to vibration, weather conditions and other external factors – all these variables must be taken into account in order to achieve this incredible feat.

Needless to say, VSL not only pioneered and developed this concept – they now offer this incredible and illuminating turnkey solution: VSL LEDsPLAY®!

How can VSL help you

With VSL LEDsPLAY®, you will be able to offer a new kind of experience to inhabitants and visitors alike – in the form of entertainment and interaction.

Your bridge will become a giant screen – measuring several hundred meters and with several million pixels! You will be able to project live shows, videos, advertisements and direct messages to the public.

This is made possible thanks to the relationship of 3 components:

  • Structural System: to install and control the LEDs
  • Software System: to pilot the screen and precisely calculate the position and the movement of thousands of LEDs.
  • Services: technical and artistic support services we offer.

The integrity of your bridge is guaranteed with a state-of-the-art adaptive sleeve, utilising a:

  • Fully internally integrated LEDs
  • Externally integrated LEDs – used in particular for retrofit applications

What the VSL bridge LEDsPLAY® solutions?

A full package solution encompassing:

  • A turnkey stay cable systems solution, from our detailed specifications to the final delivery of the ready-to-play bridge
  • Technical and specialist support on both hardware and software
  • Artistic and creative support to get the most out of the available VSL LEDsPLAY® features, enabling you to transform your asset into a media platform or incredible light installation.
  • Several options in order to maintain YOUR VSL LEDsPLAY®. As this is a connected object, it continuously evolves and requires a high-level of quality services to ensure its perfect and lasting depiction.

Our VSL LEDsPLAY® solution can be provided as a standalone product or as a component of wider stay cable systems installation.



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