Cut and cover tunnel: What is at stake?

Cut-and-cover is a simple method of construction for shallow tunnels – often being less complex and expensive.

How VSL can help you

A cut-and-cover tunnel is first trenched, excavated and then covered with an overhead support system. This type of tunnel is often used when there are no constraints above ground and the depth of tunnelling is shallow.

This efficient method provides for a low-cost, high-quality outcome – and often requires less time.

What are the VSL cut and cover tunnel solutions?

A full design and build solution encompassing:

  • Design and engineering services,
  • Excavation, retaining wall structure,
  • Strutting,
  • Covering using backfill material.

Based on the project’s specifications, VSL can also provide the supply and installation of prefabricated tunnel segments, reinforcement and other specialised materials.

Cut-and-cover tunnels can be provided as a standalone product or as a component of wider tunnel construction service.

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