Tunnel ground improvement: What is at stake?

The construction of tunnels in poor soil or in varied soil conditions provides for a variety of unique challenges. When building a metro or irrigation tunnel, it is necessary to account for:

  • The structural sustainability against water pressure,
  • The soil reinforcement using grout injections and clouting (if a tunnel is built with a traditional method).
  • The cross-passages to create connections between two tunnels,
  • Adequate protection for the surrounding buildings and underground infrastructure networks along the tunnel
  • Convergence areas between two tunnels: where ground stability is concerned, it is of absolute necessity to make sure that the construction of one tunnel will not impact the construction of the other.
  • How VSL can help you

    VSL-Intrafor has extensive experience in all ground improvement solutions – even when complex in nature (depth, complicated environmental setting).
    The solution depends on structural requirements or existing soil conditions:

    • grouting,
    • jet grouting,
    • stone columns,
    • vibro-compaction,
    • ground freezing.

    VSL Intrafor manages over 400 pieces of specialized equipment including ground improvement machinery such as vibroflots, stone columns equipment, grouting pumps and jet grouting pumps.

    What are the VSL tunnel ground improvement solutions?

    A Design & Build package, including specialized equipment.

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