Bridge bearings: What is at stake?

A typical bridge bearing provides a resting surface between the bridge deck and its piers. These bearings are components which allow controlled movement by the bridge, by transferring concentrated forces from one structural member to another one – thereby reducing stress.

How VSL can help you

At the construction stage, VSL is able to provide the design, manufacturing and installation of heavy, bespoke mechanical bearings. This turnkey solution saves time and money by reducing the number of interfaces between supply and construction.

At the asset preservation, repair and upgrading stage, VSL also provides bridge owners or concessionaires with monitoring, inspection and maintenance services.

VSL has developed a complete catalogue of bearings that address all needs. The production of bearings can be customised to meet even the most challenging cases.

  • Pot bearings support high vertical loads,
  • Elastomeric bearings are the most cost-efficient solution for low vertical loads,
  • Spherical bearings high vertical and horizonal loads with high rotational capacity about every axis,
  • Lead rubber damping provide seismic isolation with integrated damping,
  • ILM bearings are specifically designed for Incremental Launching Method used for bridge cosntruction,
  • Shear keys resists horizontal loads while not transferring vertical loads.

VSL bearings have been used worldwide on a large number of prestigious projects due to their innovative, user-friendly design, reliability and durability.

What are the VSL bridge bearings solutions?

  1. Our VSL bearings solution can be provided as:
    • A turnkey solution. All-encompassing design and engineering services, including the supply and installation of the bearings
    • Supply only
    • Supply and installation

    This can be delivered as a standalone offer or as a component of wider bridge construction services.

  2. Specialised engineering assistance to help engineers optimise the installation of bearings in structural design phases.
  3. Bearings-focused asset preservation, repairs and upgrades: including monitoring and data analysis services, inspection, preventive maintenance, repairs and upgrades – all ensure your structure is maintained and operational.


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