Wind energy
April 1, 2022


Wind energy has grown considerably over the last few years and established itself as one of the most resilient power sources across the world. The trend of higher hub heights and larger rotors entail challenges in the construction and erection of wind towers. On the occasion of our participation in WindEurope annual event in Bilbao, Spain, we detail our solutions to ensure the highest performance of wind structures.

Post-tensioning: an efficient structural reinforcement system for wind structures

Wind towers are subjected to continuous vibration-induced forces throughout their operational life. Concrete and hybrid towers have emerged as an alternative to traditional steel towers, thanks to their durability, stability and vibration control. Post-tensioned concrete offers an optimal resistance and durability, while reducing instability, to both onshore and offshore wind farms. As an expert in post-tensioning systems and their application in wind structures, VSL can fully optimize their incorporation into the overall project.

For onshore projects, we provide our external post-tensioning system designed specifically for wind towers, the E-WT system, a proprietary technology that has obtained a European Technical Approval (ETA). Made of multi-strand vertical tendons, it is a versatile and reliable post-tensioning system that maximizes the use of local resources and offers maximum flexibility, allowing re-stressing and de-stressing the tendons if necessary.

We have recently supplied and installed our external post-tensioning system on Gecama and Pestriz wind farms for Nordex in Spain.

We also develop reliable post-tensioning systems that ensure the structural behavior of offshore structures throughout their service life.

Our robust and unique technical solutions are perfectly suited to challenging installation environments, thanks to our optimized design and construction methods. We are notably involved in the Hywind Tampen project in Norway, the largest floating offshore wind farm, and responsible for the post-tensioning works of the semi-submersible concrete structures.

Meet us at WindEurope annual event from 5 to 7 April in Bilbao, Spain, to find out about our durable solutions to meet the specific needs of your projects.