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How to tackle PT Tendon inspection & maintenance ? 🍃

Inspection and maintenance of post-tensioned tendons should be considered regular interventions for bridges and should always be carried out by a post-tensioning specialist that has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the system.

Some challenges of intervening with post-tensioned tendons are high forces, not being able to see the corrosion and ensuring safety. With an increased interest in preserving existing bridges, the guarantee of well-inspected and well-maintained tendons becomes even more critical.

This requires:

  • Proficiency in understanding the diverse pathologies affecting post-tensioned (PT) tendons, including voids, soft rout, chloride-induced corrosion, etc.
  • The ability to accurately diagnose PT tendon pathologies using cutting-edge Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques tailored to post-tensioning. These techniques encompass endoscopy, tapping, magnetic flux, acoustic emission, and others.
  • Specialized expertise in implementing targeted repair techniques, specifically for duct repair, void filling, external tendon replacement, and other relevant procedures.

A variety of NDT and repair techniques are available, and it is essential to find the one that is best applicable to the structure’s condition and the post-tensioning system.

Slavica Krstic