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Low carbon: unveiling two new Environmental Product Declarations 🍃

In an era where environmental consciousness takes center stage, VSL International is proud to the release of two meticulously crafted Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). These declarations not only set new standards within the post-tensioning industry but also reinforce our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Insights that matter: elevating benchmarks

The EPDs provide invaluable insights into the carbon footprints of VSL products, exemplifying our unwavering dedication to sustainable practices. By empowering our clients with essential information, we are fostering a culture of informed decision-making and promoting environmentally conscious choices.

Internationally recognized validation

The VSL EPDs, officially released under The International EPD® system, undergo rigorous scrutiny. This validation upholds the commitment to openness, reliability, and compliance with the highest environmental standards.

GC Anchorage: Leading the Way with a GWP of 2.24 kg CO2/kg

Embarking on the path to achieve a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 2.24 kg CO2/kg for VSL GC Anchorage, specifically tailored for our multistrand post-tensioning system, involved a detailed scrutiny of manufacturing processes and an extensive analysis of material sourcing. Through data-driven analysis and a holistic approach, we identified opportunities to reduce carbon emissions, setting a precedent for sustainable practices.

PT-PLUS©: Unveiling a GWP of 3.08 kg CO2/kg

Similar efforts resulted in an EPD for the VSL PT-PLUS® duct system, which is used for internal bonded tendons. The EPD is revealing a GWP of 3.08 kg CO2 per kilogram of product. This transparent disclosure underscores our collective commitment to address climate change and promote sustainable construction practices.

Instruments for change: Beyond mere documents

These EPDs are not just documents; they are instruments for change. They provide clear, quantifiable data, contributing to our collective pursuit of a more sustainable future.

Embracing a sustainable Tomorrow

Armed with insights from these EPDs, VSL is embarking on a continuous improvement plan. We are committed to reducing environmental impacts by incorporating recycled materials, harnessing renewable energy sources, and refining manufacturing processes for optimal efficiency.

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Two New Environmental Product Declarations

GC anchorages. kg CO2/ anchorage

PT-PLUS© duct system. kg CO2/ m

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