Building bearings: What is at stake?

Often used in heavy and high-rise buildings, structural bearings ensure load transfer, movement, rotation and vertical or horizontal restraints – all depending on the building design and critical locations.

The use of bearings in building construction increases the load-bearing capacity of the structure, which in turn improves durability.

How VSL can help you

VSL designs and manufactures fully integrated bearings – designed to meet a variety of variables. Our bearings are tailor-designed and fabricated to meet specific design requirements for loading, movement, rotation, restraints, building surroundings and concrete resistance of the structure. Our bearings are manufactured within our VSL Spain-based factory.

Overseen by engineers and bearing specialists; VSL aims to provide you with the best value for money.

VSL also provides building stakeholders with monitoring, inspection and maintenance services.

What are the VSL building bearings solutions?

1. Our VSL bearings solution can be provided as:

  • A turnkey solution. An all-encompassing design and engineering services, including the supply and installation of the bearings
  • Supply only
  • Supply and installation

This can be delivered as a standalone offer or as a component of wider bridge construction services.

2. Specialised engineering assistance to help engineers optimise the installation of bearings in during the structural design phases.

3. Bearings-focused asset preservation, repairs and upgrades, including: monitoring and data analysis services, inspection, preventive maintenance, repairs, and upgrades – all to ensure your structure is maintained and operational.



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