Post-tensioned building: What is at stake?

Post tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete. Use of post-tensioning in buildings achieves substantial benefits for all parties.
Owners benefit from:

  • a reduction in materials, structures and their foundations.
  • reduced financing costs (due to shorter construction periods).
  • more usable space for a given building height.
  • reduced structural deflection.
  • less maintenance.

Architects benefit from:

  • more aesthetic freedom – as cantilevering structures and larger spans allow for larger, column-free spaces.

Contractors benefit from:

  • shorter construction periods: post-tensioning allows the formwork to be stripped earlier; therefore reducing cycle times.
  • improved constructability (requiring fewer materials to be handled and placed).
  • a reduction in structural depth and weight thanks to thinner slabs (as this requires less building materials and reduces the load on the foundation loadings.
  • fast and easy installation of electrical, air-conditioning and other services, as post-tensioning permits for the design of a flat soffit and easy access to the under-surface of the floor.

How can VSL help you

VSL is a specialist of post-tensioning; as a provider, a designer and a builder. Our experiences allow us to understand a project’s environment in order to provide the best value and financial solution.

VSL provides post-tensioning design and build packages, pre-tendering design assistance, and/or the full execution of the post-tensioning project.

What are the VSL post-tensioned building solutions?

  • Preliminary design assistance at the conceptual stage to select the best option for the flooring system (as well as providing preliminary sizing and quantities);
  • Assistance throughout all detail design stages: We aim to achieve sustainability for the structure by reducing materials, cycle times and resources required.
  • The complete supply and installation of the post-tensioning materials, including a turnkey service package provided by VSL’s teams on site.


Solutions that can be combined with post tensioning

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